Win-Win-Win! (A Rewarding-Donations Way of Life.)

The following example shows how easy it is for businesses and charities to partner through Rewarding Donations.
In this example the New Day Diner has been approached by the Good Heart Foundation for a donation. The New Day Diner manager simply directed the Good Heart Foundation to its Rewarding Donation website to complete a short enrollment form and from there, the New Day Diner manager can easily start the Win-Win-Win process of Rewarding Donation's cause marketing.

The New Day Diner invites the Good Heart Foundation to share 300 special deals called "Rewarding Donation Certificates" with its supporters.

The New Day Diner's offer to anyone presenting the Rewarding Donation Certificate is 20% off their purchase AND a 10% donation of the cost of the meal to the Good Heart Foundation.

The Good Heart Foundation sends an email to its supporters extolling the virtue, generosity, and active participation of the New Day Diner.

Like most charities, the Good Heart Foundation is usually asking for contributions, so they are happy to be able to give something back instead. The Good Heart email explains that simply by printing and presenting the Rewarding Donation Certificate at the time of their purchase, the consumer will receive a 20% discount and a donation will be generated from the New Day Diner. Everyone Wins!

The New Day Diner uses their Rewarding Donation Management website to track Rewarding Certificate use.

The Rewarding Donation system instantly and automatically determines the donation amount to promote timely and accurate payments to the Good Heart Foundation. When the donation amount reaches a set amount the New Day Diner sends their donation to the Good Heart Foundation gaining new and loyal customers in the process.

A Win-Win-Win relationship has been created between the New Day Diner, the Good Heart Foundation, and its supporters. The New Day Diner increases sales and their loyal customer base; the Good Heart Foundation increases their donations, and the Good Heart Foundation supporters save money and feel good about the smart choice of dining at the New Day Diner.

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